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The most heart-centered, soul-focused way of planning your year.

Look, I know planning for 2020 might feel like a giant waste of time in hindsight. I mean, my plans definitely changed. I had a lot of large events scheduled, planned, and even paid in full that were quite disastrous for my business… or could have been if I didn’t have my heart on my calendar. Instead, because of the way I plan, I was able to quickly pivot and shift to live, work, and dream in our new normals. I’m grateful because a decade ago, it certainly wouldn’t have offered the same results.

I want to help you plan a year to get exactly what your heart and soul want on the calendar.

We’ll do it in a way that:

  • Recognizes your priorities
  • Allows you to stay grounded, not stressed with to-do lists
  • Puts how you want to feel at the focus
  • You are spiritually grounding when you plan rather than increasing anxieties
  • Is almost a daily or weekly ritual you look forward to

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