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This is the first run of this private program and I’m so grateful you are here. You have been personally picked for your participation and how you show up for yourself and others. While you get to choose which parts you listen to or engage with, I do encourage you to try it all. If something doesn’t fit for you or you really love something, I hope you will let me know. I will be offering a little more than I would in the regular program, but the regular program will be a little less in time, but a bit more in investment in time and money. I take any and all suggestions and if you are going through something that you can’t find the right tool for, please let me know and I will make sure I address it.

Here are the basic topics for this program:

The program schedule will look like this:

2nd & 4th Sundays at 6-8 pm PT/9-11 pm ET, starting April 11

  • Now: Pre-work available
  • April 11: Meet & talk about the pre-work, where we are, and start our 6-month container
  • April 25: Clear the Inner Conflict discussion.
  • May 9: Think Awesome (Authentic) Things
  • May 23: The Feels & The Triggers
  • June 13: Rechecking What We ‘Know’
  • June 27: Stop Doing the Stupid Thing
  • July 11: Mid-point Check-in
  • July 25: Confidence in All Relationships
  • August 8: The World We Want to Live in
  • August 22: Expand into Desire, Passion & Purpose
  • September 12: Stepping into Leadership & Impact
  • September 26: Wrap-up discussion


The teaching and the worksheets are what we’ll focus on in discussions. We’ll probably have an exercise in the group in addition to answering your questions, a bit of group coaching and hot seats for those who want to work deeper on an issue.

Each week’s teaching, introspection sheets and activities will be posted by the previous group if not earlier. You are welcome to work ahead and know that I will be focusing on the topics above, however, if there is time in the group – I am happy to answer any questions ahead of time.

If you have feedback, requests, questions or need support, please reach out to me via email. If you know me, email is likely to reach me faster than a phone call.