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In order to be Confident, Connected & Impactful, we have to learn how to be compassionate, curious and courageous.

  • We’ll start with compassion with ourselves, cause, man in the mirror. We have to get our thinking, feeling, and knowing right before we can show up and make an impact.
  • Then we’ll look at how we show up and relate to the world and all the other people with curiosity.
  • Lastly, we’ll look at how we choose to have the courage to live our best lives while making the impact we want to in the world.

While I encourage you to go in order because this program is all built in a progressive order and can help restart you into more helpful habits that will set all the other steps up for success, you can start wherever you like. Just know that later sections will point back to the first phase in Compassion for your Human-ness.

Coaching calls are open to any section you would like to work on at any time. Just know I may point you back to some foundational tools.

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Compassion for our human-ness
Curiosity for how we show up
Courage to live our best lives
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