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What if you could step into the graceful, powerful energy of a queen or king?

What if you felt safe knowing you have a powerful warrior to protect you at all times?

What if you could find moments of childish joy without worrying that your task list is getting done?

What if you could let go of self-doubt, fear, shame or powerlessness with a breath?

What would your life be like if you could tap into your inner knowing at any time?

The power to change these things is already in you. You have all that you need in order to step into your power. Maybe you’ve heard that before, but you just don’t understand exactly what that means. I did a lot of therapy and self-work before I found some practical, hands-on tools that would help me change how I spoke, acted and reacted in situations.

Choose your energy

While meditation worked to calm my energy, that doesn’t help me when I need vibrant energy or, for an introvert like me, how bring up my energy when attending social events. I needed many different types of energies available to me. I started to think I would need as many tools as I needed different energies. If you are a busy, working mom, you know that would take dozens of different types of energy to match the hundreds of things we do in a day. It seemed overwhelming.

Carl Jung, famous psychologist, found that we have all the different energies already waiting for us. We choose to suppress or express the ones that work for us as we grow up, but the others are still there – just hiding. By learning to tap into these energies consciously, we can use this one tool to change our lives and become whoever it is we know we need to be… our power, our wisdom, our purpose.

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