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Explore personal power through archetypal energies.

There will be some teaching, some visualizations and lots of conversations and introspection.

For now this class is an 8-week live class starting October 4.

It will be available online after that.

You will visualize, shift and empower yourself with the energy of balanced archetypal energies. You’ll discover what your archetypal gifts and challenges are so you can see how their energy plays in your life.

Each session you’ll:

  • Learn one to two new archetypes or archetypal energies
  • Have worksheets to explore your archetypes
  • Track the different archetypes and how they show up in your life
  • Experience a visualization to introduce you to the archetypes
  • Additional visualizations to help you start to use the archetypes in your life

The archetypes can help you dive deeper into all the blocks you have.

Find out when the next one is here.

We’ll learn about: The Queen, The Crone, TheWarrior, The Lover, The Child, and so much more! I’ll even customize a couple to fit the needs of the group. It’s going to be a wild, connecting experience. 

We’ll see how they show up in our lives, if it is beneficial and how we can use them better. You do not need to know anything about archetypes to join us, and it’s ok if you know a lot. We’ll try new exercises and you’ll uncover more – I promise.

Come join us for connection, empowerment tools and exploration into more of who you are.

Find out when the next one is here.