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The Power of Inviting Shift Series

How do we manage our three intelligences – our thoughts, feelings, and core beliefs (or knowing)? Mini-Courses below help you separate them and understand how to manage them so you can remove the conflict within.

The Power of the Archetypes

Power of the Archetypes Mini-Workshops Series I work with Archetypes a lot in coaching. They are easy to understand, they can help us shift energy and they can even help us show up exactly how we want to. Check out the Archetypes below for more information and what each of their special skills are.

Nourished at Home

Welcome to the Nourished at-Home Workshop where you can learn how to create an at-home retreat that brings you all the feels of being away. We’ll talk about: Setting an intention Transforming your space into a getaway How to plan so you are on retreat participant time, not retreat worker time Resources to use during …

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Expanding our Divine Feminine

A journey to more divine feminine qualities if awareness, joy, grace, creativity, and feminine archetypes to tap into the divine wisdom you already have. 31 Visualizations for the Divine Feminine You can purchase the course here… or learn more about the journey we’ll start on December 1, 2020. More details about this course here.

Stepping into Personal Power

You are more powerful than you believe. You have power in places you’ve never looked. That situation or relationship you feel powerless to change – you have it in you. I promise. That J-O-B and B-O-S-S that stress you out and leave you feeling small – you have power there too. Stepping into Personal Power …

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Claiming our Innate Power

What if you could step into the graceful, powerful energy of a queen or king? What if you felt safe knowing you have a powerful warrior to protect you at all times? What if you could find moments of childish joy without worrying that your task list is getting done? What if you could let go of self-doubt, fear, shame or powerlessness with …

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Breaking Your Patterns

Or… How we identify and change our own patterns of behavior. So much of our learning comes from recognizing our unique patterns in the different areas of our lives. Sometimes we know our patterns and just don’t know how to stop the cycle. It’s like banging our head on a wall but we just don’t …

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Thriving Energy

Thriving Energy The Keys to Unlocking Unlimited Energy Join us for this energy-raising workshop! We’ll talk about all things energy, including: What happened to all our energy The major causes of fatigue and fuzzy-brained thinking Identifying the energy vampires that are sucking the vibrance out of your thoughts Simple ways to stop feeding the vampires The three …

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Redefining Ourselves & Our Vision

We’re always evolving and changing. Each day new information and perspectives are changing, yet our core truths, whether they help us or not, tend to stay the same.  So even when we make big strides, or unexpected changes happen we can forget to revisit old stories to redefine who we are today. In this mini-workshop, …

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Moon Visualization Library

Weclome! New Moon Circles We’ve retired the New Moon Circles, but you can join us for one of our other free, live events here. Sign in and check out the ceremonies below.

Inviting Archetypes into Shift

How we use the ideology of archetypes to embrace transition and even move us to create the life we truly want. Archetypes have become a trending topic lately but I’ve been working with them for over a decade. If you are wondering questions like: What are archetypes?How do fantasy characters help me with personal power?Do …

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