The One Way to Change Your Entire Day

I realized that our morning routine sets the mood and atmosphere for the rest of the day. When I started by rushing, my whole day was a to-do list to hurry up and get done so I could repeat it – again and again.

The Best of 2018 on Inviting Shift

This year we talked about gifts, we dove into archetypes and we all had a lot of shifts. We also ran over two dozen podcasts and offered the same in actionable visualizations, exercises and practical hands-on tools. It was a lot of good (free) conversations and activity. 

Episode 11: Samaya Adelin Shares a Pivotal Moment

Ever feel like something outside of yourself is telling you something, but maybe you didn’t want to share it because of what other’s think? Samaya Adelin has had an experience that helped changed her perspective, health and life. Tune in to hear about her health challenges and the pivotal moment that changed it all. Get…

Love is just about staying open

My husband. He teaches me so much in life just by being who he is. This week he taught me about opening space for love. We went to the hospital for the first time for HIS stomach pain. After the pain meds kicked in and we were waiting in the ER, he asked me to…

Episode 10: Major Life Shifts with Jennifer Lang

Jennifer Lang is a Public Speaking and Communications Coach. It’s been quite a path to get there, including moving halfway across the world. Listen to how she’s adjusted to new cultures, new perspectives on relationship and how she managed these shifts. She’ll share her secrets. She shares her free eBook,¬†Step Up Be Heard, with us….

Episode 7: Irfan Noorani shares the Wisdom of a Tribal Elder

Welcome back for another episode. Today’s podcast is just 18 minutes, so you have time to listen right now. Can’t hear it in the browser? Try it on Soundcloud. Irfan Noorani shares some unexpected wisdom he received from an elder that changed his life. It gave him a new perspective and outlook on life. Listen….