Honoring Our Gifts: Rewarding Experiences

Rewarding experiences bring us something which enriches our lives in some way. When the experience is over, there is a feeling of accomplishment. It doesn’t really matter what the belief or judgment is which makes the experience rewarding for you. There

Honoring Our Gifts: Our Beauty

I am a good hider of beauty, so this is a good challenge for me. In fact, even though you see  me in video from time to time, I have very few images of myself. I have pictures of Charlie and my kid, but I’m not in them. So if finding your beauty if a challenge to you, know that I am right there with you.

Honoring Our Gifts: The Lover Archetype

A personal default archetype, if I may. Yes, it’s the Lover. This archetype is fun-loving, totally present, and focused on the here and now. Being witness to the process of life as opposed to the outcome. The gifts of seeing life from the perspective of the Lover are amazing!

Honoring Our Gifts: Water

Water. Is there anything more life-sustaining on this earth? Every living thing needs water on this planet in order to thrive. Cultures and civilizations have been wiped out by lack of access to it. It is a miracle

Honoring Our Gifts: Tragic Experiences

This one is as tough for me to write as it is for you to comprehend. How can a tragic experience have a gift? A tragic experience typically involves the loss of something.

Honoring Our Gifts: Close Relationships

Early in this journey, we like to have some easier gifts to be thankful for and I think today you might find this one super-easy! Almost all of us have some type of close relationship. It may be a marriage or significant other, but it could also be with our kids or parents or friends. Feeling grateful for people who support us and love us can be

Honoring Our Gifts: Talents and Characteristics

Each person has a certain set of skills they’ve been blessed with and perhaps some they’ve worked really hard to develop over time. It doesn’t matter how you’ve acquired the skills you possess, and how often do you take a moment and recognize the talents

Honoring Our Gifts: Food

One of the most basic gifts that is most sustainable to human life is food. The ability to nourish our bodies. Chances are, if you are reading this, you are in the top 30% of the world who has food readily accessible to them. It’s a miracle that there is so much life on this planet to sustain the billions of people around the globe.

Honoring Our Gifts: Good Experiences

Each of us has a certain perspective on the events which happen in our daily lives. All our past experiences cause us to see the things which happen as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ in some cases. It’s really interesting that two different people

Honoring Our Gifts: Inner Child

One of the most obvious gifts of our ancestors is our very life. Without them we would not be. Each of our parents had two parents.