Podcast: Breath-work to Relieve Anxiety, Esther Nagle

This week Esther Nagle, a yoga instructor and breath coach in South Wales, teach us about how our breath can impact how we experience our everyday and our anxiety. Esther also had some anxiety and even addictions which she was able to shift all with something that is free and available to everyone – breath.

4 Reasons to Celebrate Your Wins

This is important!
All of you that want to skip to the next to-do – slow down already.
Take time to smell the new perspective, see new shades of blue in the sky, feel more ooey gooey feelings and bathe yourself in dance parties and high fives. Savor successes along the journey.  We can’t forget to celebrate our wins or it will all feel like challenges. That’s the difference between thriving and surviving

Video: Owning Responsibility vs. Adding to Shame

The truth is, our choices, actions, words all have impact. Whether we made the ‘right’ decision or not, there is often still impact that we did not intend. Owning that impact rather than explaining it away or default to blaming someone or something else, is a way we take our power back from shame.

The Three Cs of Appropriate Sexual Conduct: Podcast with Petros Galanoulis

Petros is a Personal Crisis Coach and Counsellor who has spent a lot of time talking to survivors and even a perpetrator of sexual assault. He has just released a book Reaching for the Light (more info below) and today he talks to us about the 3 C’s of Appropriate Sexual Conduct.

Episode 23: Sean Douglas -Overcoming Self-Defeating Behaviors

This week, author Sean Douglas joins us to talk about how we make better decisions by opening our perspective to how we are unwittingly creating our own stuck. Less than thirty minutes and he talks about the basics in his book: Decisions: The Power to Overcome Self-defeating Behaviors.

Love is just about staying open

TRIGGER. Now I did it, but I did have to ask why he wanted me to post it. “Because I want people to offer love if they choose. I can use the blessings. ” Huh. Later (after some rest), I thought about this. Why wouldn’t I post a picture, or at least a post so people know my condition when I am in bad health? 2 things: #1 WHAT OTHER …