Honoring Our Gifts: Our Golden Shadow

We’ve talked about the Golden Shadow before. The basics: the Golden Shadow is all of those things we would benefit from using that we don’t claim. And I know what you’re thinking – if I don’t claim them, how do I know I have them? Here’s how I realized my Golden Shadow: I envied another woman

Honoring Our Gifts: Our Shadow

I remember reading a novel when I was a kid. The story was about a young, wounded man finding his way through his life and yet always battling this evil which was always near and yet elusive. Towards the end of the story he is forced to name this evil. When it comes down to it he realizes that the evil is a part of him. His shadow.

Honoring Our Gifts: Our Sage Archetype

We’re coming to the end of the 30 days of honoring our gifts and one of my favorite archetypes is the Sage Archetype because of the amount of gifts it offers us – whether we know it or not. Our Sage is our inner wisdom and intuition. It is the ancient piece of us that can see the big picture and offer us spiritual wisdom and for me, emotional support.

Honoring Our Gifts: Our Purpose

In one of the earlier posts we talked about being grateful for life itself. And yet what is life without a purpose? It seems to me that one’s purpose in life changes as one lives through it. The purpose of life is very different for a young person pursuing their education versus an elder with generations of younger folks looking to them for guidance and wisdom.

Honoring Our Gifts: Our Value

Our value. This can be pretty challenging if you don’t feel valuable or worthy within. I admit, there are days that I still struggle with value – especially when someone else contradicts what I believe about myself or says hurtful things.

Honoring Our Gifts: Our Wise Elder Archetype

Have you ever been in the midst of making a really tough decision and it seems like there are enough pluses and minuses either way the decision is made? Sometimes even though the decision is difficult a sense comes over me that it’s going to be ok. Something deep inside assures me that whatever happens, it will be for the greater good of all those involved. The wise elder in you can see that this is true.

Honoring Our Gifts: Shelter

Shelter may seem like a fundamental, and it is, however, I thought it impressive that this would come up the day after Black Friday. While we are shopping for things to fill the house, I think it’s also important to remember the gifts of what we already have.

Honoring Our Gifts: Our Journey up to Now

he journey up to now is everything we’ve ever experienced from our perspective with a smattering of other people’s opinions mixed in. The journey up to now is pretty much who I am and who you are. Think about all we’ve experienced thus far in our lives. It’s been amazing. It’s been depressing. It’s been exciting. It’s been boring. It’s been unending. It’s been everlasting.

Honoring Our Gifts: Magician Archetype

The Magician archetype is the one that can transform a situation by using new perspectives. Whether or not you recognize the Magician in your life, it’s very likely there are times that you use it and you don’t even know it. The Magician is a constant learner and seeking to unknowingly outwit other

Honoring Our Gifts: Challenging Experiences

When I’ve had challenging experiences in my life and they’ve finally come to an end I’ve been mostly relieved and ready to move on to more pleasant things. However, I’ve asked for each challenging experience mentioned here and upon reflection of the experience I can see that I’ve received a gift from it which I am grateful for.