Being in our bodies

  • Deep breath in. Relax your toes. Feel your toes. Wiggle them a little bit. How are they feeling? Deep breath out.
  • Deep breath in. Relax the balls of your feet. Feel the balls of your feet.  Move them a little and check in with how they are feeling. Breath out.
  • Continue this pattern until you’ve scanned every part.
Continue on for the rest of your body. You can spend as much or little time as you have doing this, but I just you try it several times a day. You might be surprised what you find. For me, I noticed my shoulders creep up into my neck from staring at my computer all day. I can feel my stress build there so it’s definitely something I need to check in with. Where are you holding tension or pain? What is it telling you? Pain and discomfort are telling us something, but we forget that we need to check in to see what they’re saying. So often we just dim the pain with a pain reliever without hearing the full message. So we pop them pills regularly instead of dealing with the real message.

Stop the cycle. Solve the issue.

20160614blabYou’re body is trying to tell you something. Get back into your body to hear it. To check out the full show and the awesome conversation and tips we had about being in the body, check it out on Youtube now.]]>

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