Archetype Online Course


The tool to tap into your wisdom, power and joy.


If you are here, you’ve probably done some personal work. If you are like I was a decade back, you’ve listened to a lot of podcasts, read the books or maybe even signed up for coaching or therapy in the past. While I found a lot of great tools, I always wanted something… a little more simple, accessible and easier. I wanted tools that could fit any situation and would work quickly so I didn’t blow up at my family when I was overwhelmed or want to hide under my covers.

If this is you too, then you are in the right place.

The great thing about the Archetypes is that you can truly use them to transform your energy which transforms the situation. They are simple to use, and like anything they take some practice. So I’ve developed an online program that will be released February 18. It will be completely online, with all the resources you need to understand and incorporate the archetypes into your life to guide you. You’ll tap into your wisdom with visualizations and meet your archetypes.


Act before February 18 to:

Join us live as we go through the program together and you have the BONUS of weekly coaching calls! Once a week we’ll have live calls to cover the information, share if you like, ask questions and seek feedback.

What’s included in your course:

**6 Discussions to engage your Power & Wisdom through the archetypes.

  • The gift of vision: finding our purpose and focus
  • The gift of courage: moving past fear & blocks
  • The gift of joy: seeking the wounds and shadow that hold us from our happiness
  • The gift of wisdom: finding peace and letting go of anxiety
  • The gift of compassion: ow we connect to others and build strong relationships
  • The gift of perspective: finding the gifts in everything and letting go of stories

**6 Visualizations to step into the archetype energies

**Questions to develop your archetypes

**Access to me with questions via email!

**One free one on one call during the program for support

**Register by February 18 to also get the BONUS – LIVE weekly group call Starting week of February 18. Exact time will depend on when most participants are available.

Need more support?

It happens, and this can take some practice. If you want extra support to recognize your archetypes and to be guided to the archetypes that can best support you where you are right now, it’s available. When you sign up for Archetype coaching, this program is FREE!

Learn more and go through each step with additional support. We will get you there faster and with less stress.