Get the tools to live your best life!

Whether you need support, accountability or just someone to help you process the changes you want to make, coaching is how people make real, tangible change in your life. I work with true psychological tools that support change on the spot.

Need a nudge or clarity?

Speak it out loud and shift begins. Where will you go from there?

The cycle of shift begins when we notice 'something ain't right.' It could be a painful relationship, trying to move past something traumatic, learning to enjoy a new stage in life or when you are living without passionate purpose in your life. It's the things that keep you up at night or put you in pain or fear when you think of them. It's also excited and crazy adrenaline without an outlet. Whatever it is, it ain't right.

Sometimes we don't know what it is, sometimes we do and we don't know how to start.

That's where I come in. Whether you want to figure out what your discomfort is, just need a plan of attack or need support during heavy challenges, I can support you. Here's some of the things I can help clients with:

  • Reducing stress with a variety of techniques depending on the individual
  • Reducing anxiety: getting to the underlying cause, focusing on proven techniques to reduce your anxiety
  • How to use your Archetypes to take control of any situation
  • Clarifying what your really want and what would set your socks on fire
  • Support, love and accountability for achieving a boldly authentic life
  • Looking through limiting beliefs, the inner critic and fear for who you really are
  • Connecting to your intuition, the little voice saying 'something ain't right'
  • Learning to listen to your body when making decisions
  • Creating goals, tasks and schedules to grow your big, crazy idea into fruition
  • Learning to feel the fear and do it anyway (with confidence)

It's time to start living a life you enjoy. If something ain't feeling right, let's check it out.

Not sure if I can help? Let's chat. Contact me for a quick 30 minute discussion. Who knows you could get clear while on the phone - it happens all the time and I love it. So let's talk now. Email me here: or schedule it now here.