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You have a Wise Council within you.

Learn to tap into their power.

Need a little more flow and ease in your life?

Want to learn how to manage your emotions, choices and actions on the spot with some real tools you can instantly employ?

When we are in struggle with ourselves or want to grow at top speed, we want the clearest path and the most efficient tools for getting through the muck… or at least that is how I feel. After a decade of learning and now coaching, the tool I have most rely on for growth is the Archetypes. Carl Jung (famous psychologist of the 20th century) introduced the Archetypes as the Self that is separate from our ego. Although completely created by each individual’s chemistry and experience of the world.

The Self includes all the archetypes. Each one of us has the propensity for all the archetypes, though we usually identify with the ones where many of our strengths are. The struggle is that we really need a whole council of them in order to best manage our lives in a harmonic way – where everything flows.

That’s where this customized journey comes in.

Starting with an Archetype Assessment, we’ll talk about where you are and what you are most wanting out of your life and tap into the archetypes you are currently using (or over-using) and look at what you might need to embrace in order to step into the energy you need for the shift you are making

For example, if you are drained – yet productive, your Warrior archetype might be pulling the entire load. Depending on what you want to see in your life and what’s stopping you from making the change, we might need to pull in another Archetypal energy – like Lover or Mother or even Child – or a combination of energies.

We’ll discover the Archetypes you have, need and want and then we’ll work through them, giving you homework assignments to try in your everyday life, additional resources and exercises you can try on your own including visualizations to really help you feel the energy you need. Plus you’ll have access to me the entire time.

A Personal Archetype Journey offers practical, perspective-shifting tools to master your emotions, desires and life challenges to create what you really want in life.
  • Self-love and acceptance
  • Better relationships
  • More motivation and inspiration
  • Movement towards your goals
  • Peace and content
  • Forgiveness for yourself or others
  • Connecting to intuition and inner wisdom
  • Enjoying aging even
  • Confident, bold change

You have all the tools to step into the You that you want to be. Let’s uncover them and bring them out.

What we’ll look at:

  • How the archetypes you are using are working
  • What pieces aren’t working
  • Delegating the right problems to the right archetype
  • Intuiting and connecting to the wisdom your archetypes have for you
  • Practical ways to integrate more of the archetypes that you need to fulfill your desires and goals
  • Exercises and accountability in embracing the archetypes you need to bring forward

Personal Archetype Journey!


  • Archetype Assessment to uncover the archetypes you are using and which you might be under-using (90 minutes)
  • Six (6) 1-hour sessions ‘face-to-face’ on Zoom
  • Email access to me anytime between sessions
  • Resources and exercises for each week, customized for your journey
  • Meditations and audios to support your growth between sessions and after our journey

A three part payment plan is also available.

Are you trapped by your default?

We strengthen certain archetypes because they were helpful to us as we grew up. Unfortunately the energies we developed as children and adolescents don’t always serve us as well when we are older and have more mature energies from which to choose. Not to mention, chances are we didn’t develop the balanced energies of the ones that we did claim. Let’s take a look at where your energy is and how we can shape how you want to see yourself. The wholeness and beauty is in you, let’s find it.

The Archetypes

There are an unlimited amount of archetypes and the truth is, Jung never flat out named or limited their numbers. I’ve studied dozens of archetypes and as this program is customized just for you, we may use some of these archetypes and tap into their super-powers:

  • The Sovereign: Confident visionary who sees the purpose and manages the rest of the archetypes. She stands in her power and sends blessings.
  • The Mother: Our care-taking nurturer who knows how to care for us and has compassion and unconditional love.
  • The Warrior: Protecting the mission and priorities of the self. Boundaries and doing is the focus.
  • The Lover: Sensual and focused on connecting with people and spreading love… this includes self-love.
  • The Magician: Thinking outside the box and creating new solutions to problems that may look black and white.
  • The Child: The innocent, joy-seeking energy that knows she is perfect as is.
  • The Fool:  Playful and seeking to lighten a situation, yet it’s often done with inner wisdom to show a new solution.
  • The Adolescent: The energy of breaking free from old ways that no longer serve you.
  • The Sage: Our spiritual mentor who offers timeless wisdom and reminds us that most of our worries are part of a bigger cycle.
  • The Crone: Our wise elder that is able to hold the paradoxes of life. She can hold pain and joy, life and death and all the other dichotomies of life. She understands that it is all a part of life.
  • And even more…

There are more that we will work with, but these are some simple ones we start with.

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