Actionable: Rebecca Rockwood – Your Past is Not Your Future

  • Love over Fear Meditation
  • Allow God in
  • God is Making a Way
  • PODCAST: Staying Grounded in Spirit

    About Rebecca Rockwood:

    Rebecca Rockwood is a spiritual counselor and teacher based in Chicago. She helps spiritual people struggling with depression, anxiety, energy overwhelm, spiritual disconnection and resonation changes in life. Her expertise lies in teaching individuals how to strengthen their connection and collaboration with Spirit to get effective results in their material-world circumstances. Rebecca provides practical, gentle guidance from a Soul level that doesn’t require rehashing things from people’s past but starts where they are now and builds from there. Her techniques can be easily applied to every day life to ease emotional turbulence and to help reconnect with Spirit. She’s also releasing her first book “If I’m So Spiritual, Why Do I Feel So Crappy?: A Short Compilation on How to Partner with the Divine to Upbuild Your Life From Nothing” which will be released on Amazon this summer – preorder on her website. Connect with Rebecca: You can reach Rebecca and learn more about her coaching on her website.]]>

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