Actionable: Laurie Riedman – Witnessing and Moving Our Blocks

Here’s yet another fantastic exercise that we had at the Inner Wisdom Summit. Laurie Riedman takes us through a gentle visualization to be able to see the blocks we hold and how we move forward. It’s about 11 minutes and starts right around the 16 minute mark.



About Laurie:

Laurie and her husband Rich are one of three couples in the U.S. certified to run A Couples Weekend, a transformative couples weekend offering committed couples an opportunity to grow together and learn tools to increase their intimacy, get closer to their truth and connect at a level deeper than they may have ever before.  Laurie is in the process of launching a new program called b.u. – be you. brand you – which will 1:1 video sessions and personalized coaching / consulting to help women discover, design and deploy a personal branding platform.  The b.u. process helps women executives and entrepreneurs get clear about their mission, key values and messages so they can show up in the world authentically.  Laurie is currently piloting her b.u. program. To be considered for a spot in an upcoming pilot send an email to her at To get more information about A Couples Weekend email her as well or visit

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