Actionable: Clearing Meditation with Irfan Noorani

Irfan Noorani offers this short meditation to allow you to create some clarity and some space. Listen in.

About Irfan:

Irfan is on a mission to serve people get Clarity in their lives so as to able to create the life of their dream and not just be floating guided by the currents of life to reach some unknown destination of someone else’s choice.
Irfan has now been to more the 52 different countries worked with thousands of people around the globe and on a path to impact millions of masses through his Five Steps Clarity Z5 Systems. The program helps to have a deeper understanding of self, having a clear vision for your future. The most important part of it is to have a very clear and distinct reason to be, a Purpose. His program also entails how to De-clutter and be able to make effective decision in line with one’s long term vision.

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