Actionable 4: Ground for Manifestation – Melanie Claire

In this week’s Actionable, Melanie Claire prepares us for manifesting what we want to see in the world. She takes you through relaxation and visualization. Join her and change our state in just 20 minutes!

As with all of our Actionables, try them more than once and you might get even more benefit the second time around.


Melanie also has a podcast out on Tuesday, May 22 on balancing masculine and feminine energy. Listen to our conversation here.


About Melanie Claire:

Melanie is an ex-elite athlete who understood the masculine world of competition. Today, Melanie teaches entrepreneurial women to reclaim their voice, their value and their power to create wealth and wisdom the divine feminine way. Learn more on her website here.

Get a her Girlboss Guide to Greatness here.


Connect with Melanie:



About the author

Health and Empowerment Coach focused on supporting physical, emotional, and spiritual health in women who struggle with anxiety, depression and are tired of life. Offering actionables, tips, tools and connection.


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