About Us

Inviting Shift started with an idea...

How can personal growth be mapped out so that people can embrace transformation instead of dragging their heels and making it, well, hard?

The stages of SHIFT were drawn out and discussed in Inviting Shift, a book for seekers who want to embrace transition and change with more grace, fluidity and ease. Instead of banging your head on the same wall, what if there were a way to invite the shift in, be open to the flow, and transform? That's what Inviting Shift is.

If you have been:

  •          **Coming up to the same problem time over time
  •          **Feeling powerless to make change in your life
  •          **Keeping some shame about not being able to change habits, perceptions or beliefs
  •          **Seeking ways to become more comfortable and confident in who you are
  •          **Searching for what you truly desire only to find temporary fixes
  •          **Ready to start thriving over surviving


then, this is your new home. Welcome.

Where are you in your SHIFT?

S = Something ain't right
H - Honing in and Honoring
I = I got it or A-ha
F = Fortitude and Fear
T = Transformation


From the author & founder: Christina Smith

A-ha addict seeking people who want to be set free from the day-to-day surviving to live their dream lives by inviting shift to thriving health, happiness and connections.

Health. Happiness. Connection. We all want it but we can get stuck and even disheartened that it will happen. That's where I come in. I went from illness and depression of surviving the everyday to whole-hearted freedom and thriving health, happiness and connection. I made a lot of mistakes and I took a lot of hard roads, but now I've found the simplest ways to regain health, happiness, and true connection, not to mention a life that makes me want to wake up - even on a Monday morning!

The thing is, truthfully, I'm not a health nut and I have a love-hate relationship with personal growth work. I really like sweets (mostly chocolate) and I love my vodka in moderation. What I have learned is to make small changes by finding the tools that can help us make changes that feel good to us. If new habits feel good, we are more likely to keep them. I focus on how we can make the things that serve us better, the more attractive, luscious choice. Life shouldn't be about sacrifice, it should be about enjoyment and fulfillment. That's what Inviting Shift is all about.

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