Inviting Shift started with an idea...

How can personal growth be mapped out so that people can embrace transformation instead of dragging their heels and making it, well, hard?

The stages of SHIFT were drawn out and discussed in Inviting Shift, a book for seekers who want to embrace transition and change with more grace, fluidity and ease. Instead of banging your head on the same wall, what if there were a way to invite the shift in, be more confident and connected in your life so you can show up the way you want to and feel good in your skin? That's what Inviting Shift is.


If you have been:

         **Coming up to the same problem time over time

         **Feeling powerless to make change in your life

         **Keeping some shame about not being able to change habits, perceptions or beliefs

         **Seeking ways to become more comfortable and confident in who you are

         **Searching for what you truly desire only to find temporary fixes

         **Ready to start thriving over surviving

then, this is your new home. Welcome.



Where are you in your SHIFT?

S = Something ain't right
H - Honing in and Honoring
I = I got it or A-ha
F = Fortitude and Fear
T = Transformation



From the author & founder: Christina Smith

A-ha addict seeking people who want to be set free from the day-to-day surviving to start loving how they show up for themselves and their relationships.

Confidence. Connection. Impact. It's all about how we approach life and well, our humanness. I help women give themselves permission to show up in their truth and feel excited to be themselves - authentically and confidently.

If you feel like there will never be an end to the negative thoughts you have about yourself and the world, or you just want to feel good in your skin or confident in your decisions, then we need to talk.

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