A Spiritual Journey to the Heart – Rhonda Gaughan

Topic: A Spiritual Journey to the Heart

RhondaSpeaker: Rhonda Gaughan

What you will learn:

  • Heart Centered Connection
  • Making self honoring choices
  • Authentic self expression

About: Rhonda Gaughan is an international workshop leader, trainer, mentor, facilitator and executive coach. She is a Certified Shadow Work® Coach as well as a Certified Shadow Work® Facilitator. Rhonda is also a Weekend Leader for Woman Within and leads Woman Within Weekends and other workshops for women around the world.

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Free Gift: The Guide to a Spiritual Journey of the Heart.


Prize: Free coaching call with Rhonda!

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9 Comments Add yours

  1. Tonia Andersen says:

    So much great stuff I could comment on, but I received a message today through Rhonda’s words that I know was meant for me specifically today. I have struggled lately with accepting that I can never drink normally. (I’ve never been able to control my drinking no matter what I try. I was sober 10 years and then found this work, and believed I had a newfound power over my previous addiction, but I was wrong.) I had been idealizing Rhonda’s authenticity, and believed that one day when I was at Rhonda’s level of authenticity I will no longer have the inability to control my drinking, and that I would in fact be able to drink normal.
    Then she talked about our comfort zones of what we know, and said she still goes to that old comfort zone behavior. It’s not as frequent, and she gets out of it sooner, but it still happens because we are all human and we will never be 100% free of that default response/behavior we have inside.
    Her words were a divine confirmation for me that I will always have a weakness to abusing alcohol and it’s best for me to accept it and move on in sobriety and reap all the gold that lies within it.

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  2. Cindy Christensen says:

    Rhonda, you look so pretty on camera! I watched the first half during a 4am bout of insomnia, and can’t wait to get home from work and watch the 2nd half. I’m moving through some really big life transitions. I want to connect to my heart and let that guide me, but I’ve been stuck in the muck of fear and grief. Thank you for sharing this in a way that my heart is hearing. – Cindy
    PS – Christina, thank you for adding the video times in the emails. It’s really helpful!


  3. aran says:

    “Had I known that my vulnerability would be so powerful, I would have made it my friend so much sooner”
    Thank you for this…..I need to go spend some time with my new friend!

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  4. What a great talk! Thank you for sharing your story and wisdom. I love the analogy of being a butterfly in a hornets. Changing the question in my mind to How can I love myself through this? is powerful to me. How can I love myself through my own hard times. I enjoyed hearing your insight about meting someone else’s defenses, it’s very true that we each experience life through our own filters and how we react is through that. Lots for me to noodle on 🙂

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  5. Rhonda thank you so much! You are truly inspiring. Vulnerability is a difficult piece for me that I am working to develop.


  6. Susan Bates says:

    Dear Rhonda, Have watched the first 20 minutes and love what you share about vulnerability. I, too, love the analogy of being a butterfly in a hornets nest. Your authenticity and heartcenteredness are so evident in the energy that you send out to the world. Your being vulnerable and human make it easier for the rest of us to do the same. Thank you for your wisdom. Can’t wait to watch the second half! xoxo


  7. Krissie Koll says:

    Thank you for this presentation. I identified with so many points, especially trying to release unfair expectations for events, people, and myself.


  8. Helena Falcon-Ramos says:

    I like having that simple one page routine to do everyday. I tried it…I realized that I had a few bad moments yesterday… But yesterday was actually not a bad day. Most of the day was good and I acknowledge that I handled the bad moments really well from my wise woman. But I went to bed feeling sorry for myself and like a failure but the exercise gave me back a feeling of self love and and a feeling of being supported by the universe


  9. Thank you Rhonda. I too relate to the butterfly in the hornets nest; I appreciate the methaphor.


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