Anxiety Podcast: Our 4 Natural Gifts


This week on our special Anxiety series podcasts we have Michael Trotta from the Sagefire Institute. Michael speaks to us this week of our 4 Natural Gifts and how being in tune with these gifts relate to the anxiety he’s seen in his clients.

This week you’ll learn:

  • What the 4 Natural Gifts are
  • How embracing them can help with anxiety
  • To see your ‘gifts’ in a new way
  • About finding the frequency where we thrive
  • How to re-calibrate to get back to your frequency
  • And more!

I learned a lot during this conversation. I hope you do too.

Listen in.



Can’t play it here? Listen to it on Soundcloud here.

The Sit Spot Journey we talked about is here.

About Michael:

(His words were great, so I thought I’d quote him directly)

Who am I?  I’m an artist, storyteller, natural learning specialist, certified master coach, fly-fishing junkie, wilderness skills instructor, student of native traditions and the Hero’s Journey, proud dyslexic, facilitator of rites of passage programs, community builder, and a coffee lover. Did I forget anything? Oh, yeah…

After 10 frustrating years as a public school educator, I left in hopes that I could create something better for myself and the people I served.  So, in 2005, along with the support of my wife Lynn, I took the leap and co-founded Sagefire Institute (originally called Four Feathers Wilderness Programs). In the almost 15 years we’ve been in business I’ve been able to do my thing, share message and serve others in ways I couldn’t have imagined on that day I packed up my classroom for good. Back then I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me I would have lead corporate leadership retreats, been flown to faraway lands to tell stories, trained, mentored and coached hundreds of individuals, been paid to help people find their life’s rhythm by taking them fly-fishing or tracking lions. But I did and I have and now, well, I can imagine a whole lot more to come. For myself. And for you.

Finally, it’s a well known fact that I was raised by coyotes and I’m now happily raising one of my own; along with two cats, the occasional goldfish, and a small flock of chickens, somewhere streamside in Westchester County, NY.

Connect with Michael:

Head over to the Sagefire Institute website to connect with Michael.

Sagefire Institute Website

Free Sit Spot Course we spoke about is here.

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