3 Ways to Use the Archetypes for Anxiety


Experiencing anxiety can throw our normally compassionate and caring nature into a frenzy. For example, even though I have had a hard time witnessing my anxiety in the past, I now know that when I am in a constant state of impatience or feeling hurried, I am feeling anxiety. Just recognizing those moments (while we’re in them) can take some time.

The reason we don’t recognize it is because many of us aren’t even sure what anxiety always feels like until it’s a tornado instead of witnessing it as an anxious breeze. We’ve grown accustomed to the tense muscles, the short breaths, and the heavy load that has grown in our bodies steadily over time so that we don’t really notice the weight of it all.

The worst part is that when we don’t recognize the power of anxiety on our bodies, we can tend to make bad decisions, become exhausted and disconnect from ourselves and others. Probably the completely opposite of what we truly want.

One way we can start to recognize where our energy is to take a few moments throughout the day to check your breathing and move a little to feel out your muscles. Are you feeling heavy? Is this impacting your moods or feelings right now? Is that important project impacting your health and how can you ensure it doesn’t?

The Archetypes can adjust your energy

Archetypes are the many different roles of being human introduced to us by Carl Jung. While everyone uses the Archetypes differently from literature, to movies to personal growth work, I believe that they can help us as energies that we pull on when we need them, or wisdom we draw from them to better serve our life.

We have them all. If you want to learn a heck of a lot more about them, you can sign up to watch the Archetype Training video to learn all about them and how I use them.

Anxiety-Reducing Archetypes

While your anxiety is the main determinant of what archetype energies you need, there are three that I think can really help us go back in, reconnect to what’s important and true and help us let go of the anxious feelings. Here there are and how they can help us.

Crone/Wise Elder

The Wise Elder part of us is able to understand everything we are going through is a cycle. The seasons, our rites of passage, tragedy, celebration are all part of the same life. We experience them all. If you can think of that compassionate, nurturing grandma who knows that bumped knee will heal or that first broken heart will mend. S/he is compassionate, but isn’t as susceptible to taking on that emotion, just the compassion.

The Elder says: It’s all a part of life. This too shall pass. This is not the end.

The Sovereign

The Sovereign part of us is the one that makes the decisions. S/he can sit down with the part of us that is feeling anxious. That anxious part may be a scared or wounded inner child, or another archetype that isn’t feeling settled or safe. Find that part. The Sovereign would look to all the archetypes to help her understand this. If you find that your Queen or King is having a hard time understanding, ask your Crone or Wise Elder what s/he thinks the problem is.

The Sovereign Says: I make good decisions when I sit in my wisdom and seek council.

The Jester

This might seem like a strange place to seek wisdom. The Jester has a bad rap for only making jokes. Don’t get me wrong, it truly is their passion – to entertain. However, the Jester has a ton of wisdom also – all while allowing ourselves to have a little chuckle too. The Jester can remind us that life, mistakes, feelings are not permanent and that we need to laugh more and enjoy the day – drama and all. Instead of shaming yourself when you regret feeling so anxious, see if you can see the true humor and lesson rather than to seek how to blame yourself.

The Jester Says: I don’t take myself too seriously because life is about enjoyment and the best ideas come from being relaxed and having fun.

You can learn more about the rest of the Archetypes here to see if you relate to some others that can help you. Most of them can in some way – even if it’s just to offer perspective.

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