Video: Owning Responsibility vs. Adding to Shame


When I am experiencing anxiety I can easily take my mistakes and make them about who I am – and not in a good way. The truth is, our choices, actions, words all have impact – and not just on our anxieties. Whether we made the ‘right’ decision or not, there is often still impact that we did not intend. Owning that impact rather than explaining it away or default to blaming someone or something else, is a way we take our power back from shame.

Listen in and you’ll hear more about:

  • Intent vs. Impact
  • How it shows up in all areas of life
  • The three reasons to own your impact
  • How this will strengthen relationships and reduce your shame-load

Listen in.



Can’t hear it here? Listen to it on SoundCloud here.

How you can take responsibility for your impact…

  1. Hear the other person and the impact your intentions have had
  2. Use compassion to step into their shoes and perspective rather than explain or blame.
  3. Repeat back or paraphrase to let them know you heard them.
  4. Apologize for the impact and offer an act of service if you feel you need to be back in connection and trust.

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