Where to Start When Changing Anything


The biggest challenge to changing habits – whether you want to be healthier, reduce your anxiety or just get rid of the overwhelming stress is truly understanding how the changes are making an impact. Too often, we overlook the millions of little changes over time of keeping better habits and we give up.

Part of self-care is celebration, so we want to track and journal our changes as we notice them. Then we celebrate.

If peace comes from seeing the whole, then misery stems from a loss of perspective.


Daily Food, Activity, and Mood Tracking

Ever think you are making progress and then suddenly, time has passed and nothing seems to have changed? How if I am eating right, am I still experiencing bloating or intestinal cramps? For me, it was watching carefully what I ate. Certain foods really don’t agree with me, even if they are whole foods. By tracking my food in a health journal, I am able to compare the days I was not well with what I ate those days compared to the days I was great.

I have clients track different things for different concerns, but I highly suggest you track 1 your food, 2 your movement, and 3 A specific concern or concerns that you have. For example, if you have stress, rate your days of stress in a 1-10 rating on a spreadsheet and you can see a graph over time. Or you can look back at your food and movement around the times of extreme stress. Could the food or lack of movement be contributing your stress level?

Personal Growth and Processing

This is probably the closest to classic journaling. This is what always calls me back to journaling. When I need to learn something about myself or my perspective on my circumstances. Since I was in middle school I have kept journals off and on to work out relationship woes, to record the journey of growing up and refining my own personal views. It helps me to be clear in my thoughts, especially if I have one of those hard-to-have conversations with someone I respect or admire.

Morning Pages: Clear it Out

Morning pages allow you to write whatever gobbly-gook you have ping-ponging around your head so that you can start the day clear. I always have all the answers, what I need is a moment to collect them and reassure myself.

How: Open up a page and just start writing. Write about how your husband snores, or the grocery list or the neighbor you are struggling with – whatever comes to mind. Give yourself at least 15-20 minutes and try not to stop until you feel clearer and more able to be mindful the rest of the day.

Get more self-care tips

Learn how to take care of all of you – inside and out in this guide that offers a ton of ways to self-care. Download it now.

Try the 21 Day Wholeful Eating Challenge

We’ve packed all the information, planning and lists you need to eat well for three weeks of wholeful eating. See if it changes what happens to your anxiety or stress level.. All you have to do is follow the weekly prep guides and recipes step by step.


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