The Three Cs of Appropriate Sexual Conduct: Podcast with Petros Galanoulis


The first podcast of the year and I’m really excited about this topic! Petros is a Personal Crisis Coach and Counsellor who has spent a lot of time talking to survivors and even a perpetrator of sexual assault. He has just released a book Reaching for the Light (more info below) and today he talks to us about the 3 C’s of Appropriate Sexual Conduct.

My husband Charlie also joins us. Listen in.

Or listen to it on Soundcloud here.

Reaching for the Light: Available Now

The human spirit-determined to live-can and will breakthrough even the darkest and most heinous of acts and times.

A powerful journey of 6 real life former victims called ‘Warriors’ (male and female) and a real-life reformed perpetrator given the ultimate ultimatum and second chance by his victim, one of the 6 warriors. 

Healing, rebirth, surprise and spiritual growth.

Plus, through a 13 step, real life application process, start healing and re-build an extraordinary life after sexual trauma.

This book challenges and debunks some common ideas, beliefs and brings to light some critical issues around sex and appropriate sexual conduct, such as the 3 C’s of appropriate sexual conduct; for all to apply and think about and discuss around the dinner table. 

Facebook group launching with book see below for dates:

This is a trauma crisis support and self-development group (we welcome experiencers/ survivors of sexual and non-sexual based crises and traumas) and is based on my best seller book ‘Reaching For The Light: A Path For Deep Healing, Forgiveness and Re-empowerment After Sexual Trauma. Its designed for a person who is ready turn their life around after a trauma/ crisis. Enjoy support, true stories and extraordinary people, interviews, favourite parts of the book, tips and insights, competitions and events + more.

About Petros Galanoulis:

Petros is a Personal Crisis coach/ counsellor helping people solve and recover mentally and emotionally from a personal trauma and or crisis. He owns and runs You  Got  This- Mental Health services. 

He is also the author of the nationally acclaimed: You Got This: 7 Steps to Effectively Solving Any Personal Crisis Better, Faster and recently released his second book Reaching For The Light: A Path For Deep Healing, Forgiveness and Re-empowerment After Sexual Trauma  

Based in Melbourne Australia he is referred to as the human G.P.S. because of his style of coaching and guidance. He works as a Crisis and Trauma Recovery Coach/ counsellor, predominantly with individuals who are struggling through a major and difficult life transition/ event such as post trauma stress, life transitions or loss etc.

With over 15 years of professional experience  and 30 years of personal experience, he developed his coaching process: the G.P.S. system.

Petros holds a diploma in life coaching/ counselling and is in the final stages of his degree in psychology where he has received significant credits and acknowledgement for his work and study done already in mental health. He has also studied the spiritual philosophy of Vedanta and is a Reiki, Hypnotherapy and N.L.P. qualified practitioner.

Petros has appeared in the media, his personal and professional mission is to help as many people he can to live like they mean it!!

Petros is also a practical and inspirational speaker and (sometimes cheeky) thought provoker, always exploring the flipside of life with such topics as: 

  • Breaking through ‘Panic Brain’,
  • 3 Major actions to take when hit by a crisis,
  • 3 Common things you do normally that you shouldn’t do when having experienced a crisis or trauma,
  • 7 effective steps to navigate through any crisis successfully.
  • The negatives of Positive Thinking-Why so many are doing it wrong.

The link for buying the book is

To contact Petros email or 0404 316 316

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