The Best of 2018 on Inviting Shift

This year seemed to fly by. I can’t believe it is December already!

This year we talked about gifts, we dove into archetypes and we all had a lot of shifts. We also ran over two dozen podcasts and offered the same in actionable visualizations, exercises and practical hands-on tools. It was a lot of good (free) conversations and activity.

We wanted to wrap up the top 10 posts on the Inviting Shift blog this year – so here they are.

#10: Episode 13: Leslie Ann Roszyk-Stephenson on Decision Making

If decision making is your challenge, this talk will help. #10 in our most popular list.

Check it out.


#9: Episode 4: Melanie Claire – Balancing the Masculine and Feminine Energies

Way back on Episode 4, Melanie Claire talked to us about balancing our masculine and feminine energies. It was a very popular episode so she makes our top 10.

Check it out.


#8: Episode 1: Andrew Eggelton and the Secret to Success

Andrew Eggelton’s #8 on our list with his fantastic talk about the secret to success. He’s a professional speaker, so you’ll love this episode.

Check it out.


#7: Episode 3: Kristen Hobby Talks about Knowing Yourself to Invite Shift

This talk with Kristen Hobby helped people with their shift with this podcast. Check it out.

Check it out.


#6: Episode 6: Rebecca Rockwood and Staying Grounded in Spirit

Rebecca Rockwood is one of my favorite people. In a poll earlier this year, the request was for how we get more spiritually connected, this is your woman. Listen to her podcast right here.

Check it out.


#5: Episode 9: Using All Our Intelligences for Decision Making – Sarah Whalen

One of my personal favorites is with Sarah Whalen!! I learned about mBIT techniques and I still use them today. Learn more in this podcast.

Check it out.


#4: Actionable: Using mBIT to Make Decisions – Sarah Whalen

Here’s the actionable that came with our favorite from yesterday! This went so well and was obviously so popular! Take a few minutes and learn a little about this technique. It might help you make a decision right now!!

Check it out.


#3: Episode 7: Irfan Noorani shares the Wisdom of a Tribal Elder

Our most listened to podcast is from Irfan! If you haven’t listened to this short but sweet wisdom, you can still do it right now.

Check it out.


#2: Honoring our gifts (and opening space for more)

Honoring our gifts: We spent the entire November talking about how we can go beyond being grateful to honoring our gifts to find more in our life.

Check it out.


#1: Self-Love through the Archetypes: A Journey

Self-love journey was our most favorite post this year! I can see we all need to push some more self-love, but you can retake this archetypal journey at any time!

Check it out.

That’s the best of this year and we already have the best lined up for next year. Gifts, archetypes and self-growth are coming. In the meantime, catch up on this year’s posts now.

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