Honoring Our Gifts: Earth

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{Christina’s Gift Perspective}

Honoring Our Gifts (10)The Sovereign archetype offers many gifts among which is his/her ability to see the vision, the big picture and the best use of each of the other archetypes. He/She listens to everyone and ideally makes the best decision they can for what will most serve our overall vision. The Sovereign is also able to speak from a grounded, compassionate place as this is an archetype that offers and receives blessings.

Check in with your Sovereign energy by grounding and taking a few breaths. Feel the confidence of the ruler. Imagine you’re dressed like a sovereign and respected among your other archetypes. What does that energy feel like?

For me, the gifts of the Queen are powerful. She can keep my Warrior in check and soothe my Child. Mostly though, by checking in with her often, I have been able to have heart-breaking challenges come and go because she stands strong even when many of my other archetypes are too emotional or fearful to stay in balance. She reminds me that this too shall pass and in the meantime, it’s ok to be really good to myself and take time for acceptance and processing before moving forward too quick – which is what my Warrior wants to do.

Honoring Our Sovereign:

So I’m going to honor some sadness I’m having currently by not keeping busy with nonsense, but with tending to my grief. I’m going to allow myself the time I need by giving myself a break, just for this week, on thinking everything is necessary or urgent. I’m going to do what I can and give myself time for the rest.

Some ideas for you:

If being with your Sovereign deems challenging for some reason or you struggle to connect to that energy, perhaps list out qualities you would expect a king or queen to have. Focus on a few and see how those gifts have impacted your life and send a blessing.

Where a crown around all day (or imagine one) to boost your Sovereign energy and take notice to how it changes your energy or your physical stance.

Simple ways to be grateful for our gifts. And of course, you don’t have to stick to our calendar – you can be grateful for anything that comes along today. This is just a prompt.

I’d love to hear what you are honoring today and how you are doing it. Check in with us and leave some comments.

Learn more about the full 30 day journey here.

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