Honoring Our Gifts: Rewarding Experiences

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{Charlie’s Gift Perspective}


Honoring Our Gifts (1)

Rewarding experiences bring us something which enriches our lives in some way. When the experience is over, there is a feeling of accomplishment. It doesn’t really matter what the belief or judgment is which makes the experience rewarding for you. There is a tangible difference in the way you are after the experience as opposed to how you were before the experience.

The piece that makes an experience rewarding for me is when I am able to be of service to another person in a way which is meaningful to them. At work, we have a bunch of family values and one of them is ‘Give Back’. What this means is that as conscious folks in a community, we are encouraged to give volunteer time to something which has meaning for us as individuals. There is a food pantry just a few blocks away from my workplace which loves to have us volunteer our time to help them out. Each time I give some of my time it is satisfying knowing that my efforts help the folks who are there to make sure less fortunate people have food.

Honoring the gift

I honor the gift of knowing what giveaway really means;  to consciously suffer, just a little bit, in the hopes that other people out there in the world might suffer just a little less. Being fortunate enough to have volunteer time to give to something meaningful is a huge gift in and of itself. Having the desire and consciousness to want to give away my time and energy in order to see some change in the world is another gift I am honoring.

What makes an experience rewarding to you?

Is it something you can measure, or do you just know it when you feel it in your body?

Recall a rewarding experience you’ve had in your life.

What is the gift you received from that rewarding experience and how do you choose to honor it?

Simple ways to be grateful for our gifts. And of course, you don’t have to stick to our calendar – you can be grateful for anything that comes along today. This is just a prompt.

I’d love to hear what you are honoring today and how you are doing it. Check in with us and leave some comments.

Learn more about the full 30 day journey here.

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