Honoring Our Gifts: Water

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{Christina’s Gift Perspective}

Honoring Our Gifts (2)

Water. Is there anything more life-sustaining on this earth? Every living thing needs water on this planet in order to thrive. Cultures and civilizations have been wiped out by lack of access to it. It is a miracle that for thousands or millions of years this planet has sustained enough water to quench the thirst of millions of species across the globe.

Most of us not only have running water, but we have running hot water in our homes. Think about what a gift that is. If you’ve ever had your water turned off for a time, you might have experienced the short inconvenience of not having water. Just getting water to the home was once a fulltime job for some family members and now we rarely even give it a second thought unless something isn’t working.

Today, let’s honor water. There are so many ways I can think of, but here’s just a few:

  • Taking a moment to ground and really consider the impact of water on your life… to drink, to grow food, to wash yourself and all of your things, to cook with, to take our waste away, and on and on.
  • Treat it like the gift that it is. Use it considerately and honor it each time you use water today.
  • Learn more on how we protect our waters from pollution and perhaps make a donation to an organization working to clean or protect our water.

What else can you think of to honor our most precious resource?

Simple ways to be grateful for our gifts. And of course, you don’t have to stick to our calendar – you can be grateful for anything that comes along today. This is just a prompt.

I’d love to hear what you are honoring today and how you are doing it. Check in with us and leave some comments.

Learn more about the full 30 day journey here.

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