Honoring Our Gifts: Inner Child

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{Christina’s Gift Perspective}

When we talk about honoring our gifts, our archetypes are also the bringer of gifts. We talk a lot about archetypes on Inviting Shift and today, I want us to revisit our Inner Child.

The Inner Child knows our most authentic heart, loves play and can even be a bit magical (especially in thinking). If we talk a breath, ground ourselves and imagine our Inner Child or even ourselves as children, we can get a glimpse of those gifts.

Some of the things you can do to honor the gifts of the Inner Child:

  • Do the things s/he likes to do – color, dance, run, climb a tree, swing on swings – whatever was a gift of joy for your child
  • Honor your inner child’s gift by naming one and telling him/her how it has impacted your life
  • Journal about those gifts
  • Make commitments to honor those gifts more in your life and get them on the calendar


Is your Inner Child Wounded?

Of course, if your inner child isn’t happy or the ‘wounded’ child appears, these gifts may not be as easy. It may be difficult to remember what made that child happy. If this is you, you have magical gifts too. Sometimes they are hiding from us.¬† Take a breath. When you see the child in your mind, imagine offering a hand or a lap to hold them. Hold space for his/her feelings. Being able to hold space for the uncomfortable parts of us is a gift and perhaps the first step in healing that wounded child.


Honoring the wounded child:

  • Sit grounded and spend a few moments holding space for the emotions of your inner child.
  • Journal the words, messages, experiences she is offering to you
  • Let her know that she is good, magical¬† and worthy of having happiness
  • Do something your inner child might have enjoyed, or if you don’t know what that is, try something new that you always wanted to do as a child.


Connecting with your Inner Child:


Simple ways to be grateful for our gifts. And of course, you don’t have to stick to our calendar – you can be grateful for anything that comes along today. This is just a prompt.

I’d love to hear what you are honoring today and how you are doing it. Check in with us and leave some comments.

Learn more about the full 30 day journey here.

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