Self-Love through the Archetypes: A Journey

The Journey starts September 20.

Do you see the magic and gifts you have to offer?

See the best of you (& your archetypes) with this 11 day self-love journey.

We’re going to take a journey with our archetypal energies to find more of our gold and celebrate ourselves more! You have a brightness in you. Let’s uncover more of it!

You don’t have to know anything about the archetypes, this is a great overview of some of the most powerful ones that we can use to support our best selves in our lives. If you do know about the archetypes, you’ll still get benefit from the exercises because everyone uses them differently.


Some of the archetypes/energies we’ll talk about:

  • Our Inner Child archetype to dream and play.
  • The Inner Judge which isn’t spoken about often, but is often the block to our own self-love
  • The Shadow and how we keep ourselves small
  • Our Adolescent archetype will let go and rebel a little
  • The Golden Shadow will show us all the beauty we’re hiding
  • Our Sovereigns will come together for a live call.
  • Our Inner Sage will visit us to help us become more spiritually connected.
  • The Inner Lover will bring more joy and manifest our dreams.
  • Our Inner Wise Person & Warrior will consult with us to bring these gifts forward and be accountable for how we will continue to grow our gifts and be more in love with who we are.

It’s a journey and you are invited to join us for free!


How it will work:

September 20-26

September 27:  Join us for a live, online call. (Register below for the log in information)

September 28-30

That’s all!

The exercises will be simple. Simple steps in about 20-30 minutes a day. Of course, the exercises can take less or more depending on how deep you want to go.


How to participate:

(You don’t even need to sign up for this!)

#1 Find the daily actionables:

You can find the daily actions on our Facebook page or on our website, Inviting Shift.

Facebook page:

Website Posts Page:


#2 Join the Conversation & Find Bonuses:

Additional information and conversation will be on our Facebook GROUP.

Facebook Group:


Special Small Group Event (1)#3 LIVE, ONLINE EVENT:

Sign up for the LIVE ONLINE Archetype Group Session (to celebrate my birthday) on September 27.

Sign up here.

Note: This will not be recorded as I want people to be able to share openly without feeling they are being broadcasted.

(A second one is likely to open on Friday at 12 noon EST for those in time zones that don’t work with the Thursday call, so sign up and I will offer more information before the calls.)

Self-love isn’t just for women.

Men are invited to see their gifts and walk proudly in the world too. This journey uses archetypes that work for both men and women. So join us, my husband will be!

Why is it FREE?

It’s a Beta program for the future, but you get the exercises and support now for free. I only ask for feedback if you participate so I can use it to help craft a program later.


Have questions or feedback?

Email me any time at



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