Episode 17: Sia Yaghobi – Becoming Our Best Selves

Sia Yaghobi joins us this week to talk about his major shifts and how he embraces his best self. Sia teaches people different techniques to be able to retrain their brain and achieve their dreams. Listen to hear all of his tips on leading a productive, fulfilled life. Here.

Can’t hear it here? Listen to it on Soundcloud.


About Sia:

Siamack AKA Sia has more than 13 years of experience as a business owner, and transitioned from working with one of the nation’s top management consulting firms to his own marketing agency. Where his hall mark has been his mission to beat the startup “death cycle.”

Create, launch, grow and scale with his 21 day execution launch plan, that has been one of his “hall marks” to his digital agency and some of his work for personal brands and the like.

Starting with a dream to pursue a breakout industry and niche he committed to advising and coaching other small to medium size business owners as their marketing strategist which in turn developed many strategic partnerships and experience in over 19 different industries and sub-industries. He is best-selling author, published writer and helped lead and work with southern California’s first tech incubator alongside the nation’s biggest angel investment firm at the time in 2012 where he resides on orange county. Avid professional and international speaker having spoken before on topics such as leadership and business growth, you can catch him helping with local events, speaking at charitable functions, promoting his latest book Patternomics or simply nurturing his own personal community of “adventurists,” documenting behind the scenes unseen lifestyle and practices of a millennial entrepreneur, motivating and inspiring others to join him, “live more and fearless, and put their passions into consistent daily practice ” playing basketball or cooking up a storm. (don’t need that last part haha I used to play tennis (which is my favorite sport to b ball) as a hobby but haven’t in years so don’t feel too good about adding that)

Founder of ATA (Apps That Attract)

And remains an advisor serving over a dozen companies and organizations as well as a member of an international bullying cause and movement WTLBTB wheres the love behind the bully (www. wheresthelovebehindthebully. com) . Also a partner of a world’s leading incubator and accelerator where he helped scale and recruit regional partnerships whereby he channeled his international business experience and now holds for distribution and others means to test.

Connect with Sia:



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