Actionable: Angelique von Löbbecke – Easy Morning Meditation

Angelique von Löbbecke offers us a short meditation to help you ease into your day and into meditation. This 7-minute meditation will fit into your morning routine and help you ground yourself and connect to yourself before you start the stresses of the day.

Try this every morning this week and see if it changes how you enter the day.

Can’t hear it hear? Listen on Soundcloud free.

She’s also offering this free (no-sign-up-required) worksheet on the Benefits Of Meditation. Get it here.

About Angelique:

Angelique von LöbbeckeAngelique von Löbbecke is a healer and mentor with a knack of shamanic journeying and vision. Her work is an eclectic mix of healing arts and shadow work paired with laughter, love and heartfelt connection.

Angelique lives in Berlin, Germany with her husband Alex and their Airedale Terrier Amy and works with women across the globe in person and online.

Random facts: Loves crystals, kimonos and anything with glitter, can ride anything that has wheels or is a boat and would love to have a dragon and a crossbow – not necessarily in that order.

Connect with Angelique:

FACEBOOK | FACEBOOK GROUP (Find out more about your intuitive gifts right here for The Alchemist And Modern Priestess)

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