Episode 15: Angela Counsel – The Magic of Menopause & Middle Age

Angela Counsel offers a talk especially for the forgotten women who are between the mothering phase who aren’t quite wise old women. She talks about why and how our inner little girls start showing up more and how we can manage those. Angela will also talk about how menopause can be a magical time.

She’s also seeking to support women with her organization and community of Maga women (meaning “wise woman” in Sicilian, not American MAGA). Learn how she plans to support women and how she does it.

And many other women things. Listen in.

Can’t listen here? Hear it on Soundcloud free.

She offers a free copy of the Maga Women Magazine for free here.

About Angela:

Angela Counsel is a Women’s Transformation Mentor and Creator of the Maga Woman project. As a woman in her mid 50s Angela realised that many women often felt lost and confused when they reached the mid-stage of their life. This is a time of great change not only physically with the onset of menopause but also emotionally and spiritually as women started to step into the next phase of their life. This led Angela to create the Maga Woman Project and the Maga Woman Magazine. The primary aim of the Maga Woman Project is to give women over 45 a voice and to guide them through their physical, emotional and spiritual transition into the greatest version of themselves. The term Maga means magic woman or wise woman in Sicilian and Maga Women are truly the Wise Women in our Society and it is time this was recognised.

Connect with Angela:



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