Episode 14: Sarah Brandis and Life Shifts

In this episode, Sarah Brandis speaks about some major shifts in her life and how she came into a field she wouldn’t have even thought of as a child. She talks about the gifts and the lessons learned. Listen in.

Can’t listen to it here? Listen to it on SoundCloud here.

About Sarah:

Sarah K Brandis is a social media and content marketing consultant, mentor, trainer and author.  Having been in the small business world for eleven years, and a marketer for the last six, she now teaches small business owners how to navigate the social media and content marketing world, getting their business seen by their next customers, all while keeping it simple.

After her early career managing small businesses for other people, Sarah took a break to study Cognitive Neuroscience at University of Westminster.  It was during this time that she started her first small business of her own – an Etsy store selling clothes and jewellery.  This was also around the time she wrote her first book.  Finding her way up the Amazon charts was the beginning of her love story with marketing.

Today she thrives on dispelling the myths about small business marketing.  Sarah works mainly with life coaches and other authors to help them get off the ground with a lean budget.  She believes that so much is possible when we approach it with consistent, baby steps, and have a good community around us.


Connect with Sarah:




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