Episode 13: Leslie Ann Roszyk-Stephenson on Decision Making

In this episode, Leslie Ann Roszyk-Stephenson speaks to us about the pillars to decision making that will help you find the choice for you. She talks to us about clearing the frustration and fog in our minds and being able to focus in on what you truly what out of the situation.

Listen in.

Leslie Ann’s offering a 7-day challenge to clear the indecisiveness right here for anyone to try.

About Leslie Ann:

Leslie Ann Roszyk-Stephenson moved to Las Vegas 18 years ago, with dreams of illuminating the neon lights beyond measure. With no decent plan of action, she studied many different areas of interest, then after nine years of studying, she finally graduated from University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. While attending college, Leslie Ann worked in three high profile resorts as a Security Manager on the infamous Las Vegas Strip. That unique hands-on experience, was just what Leslie needed to fulfill her illuminating dreams, yet she didn’t know it at the time. With encouragement from senior leadership, Leslie Ann took a risk and entered the realm of loyalty marketing as a developer. Leslie Ann did not have any marketing experience, yet from her background in improv and speech performance, she found her true passion for motivational speaking, since she was now responsible for engaging and advancing two casino properties to “sell” a dream of loyalty and value to their guests.

After tremendous success, Leslie Ann felt it was time to spread her wings and emPOWER her experiences beyond the casino realm. Leslie Ann became a Certified Professional Coach, then created and developed her coaching company, Leslie Ann Coaching. Her coaching company continues to provide Leslie Ann with the opportunity to share her experiences and emPOWER others to make a lasting impact after they have crossed the finish line!

Connect with Leslie Ann:


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