A New Year – A New Focus

What does a new year mean to you?

For me, and the obsession I have for words and their impact on our thoughts, it is choosing a new focus provided I am complete with the old. I haven’t had a year yet where the word hasn’t changed or morphed into something more meaningful.

One year, my word was humility. It was a year focused on being humble and grateful. It was a year of learning and opening my mind to things I may have judged harshly in the past. It was awesome.

Last year, my word was trust. I focused on big shifts in my life… and shift it did. I spent most of the year occupationally in flux, unsure, uncertain and very curious with the constant letting go of anxiety in order to fall into flow and trust. I learned that even if I do nothing, meaning not ‘doing’ or ‘being productive’ all the time, I will still be ok. My world will not crash if I am not in constant Warrior mode. Continue reading “A New Year – A New Focus”