Forty is the new black

Yep, I said it and I mean it. These days, we all have the chance to make 40 feel like energy, passion, excitement, inspiration, purpose, and joyful. It’s about choices.

  • Like my choice to stand up and not take, “you’re just going to live with pain and intermittent health problems.”
  • Or my choice to be kind even when I’m a ‘victim’ of other people’s mistakes .
  • Or Michelle Brown’s way (if you’ve seen my show more than once you know Michelle) of saying the Multiple Sclerosis would not define who she is.
  • Or your choice to read this because you know something just ain’t as good as it could be

It’s all about choices – but the right ones at the right time.

12week sample daily postswith label (1)I’m offering the biggest gift yet to you for my birthday. A complete 12 week program for Wholeful Living – FREE.

Yep, daily tips and coaching for 12 weeks for absolutely no monetary cost to you. What it will cost you:

  • A few minutes a day to focus on your whole health, not just diet or exercise
  • The urge to nap at 3 pm
  • Slowness due to lack of sleep
  • Stress, this will definitely eat at your stress stockpile
  • Body-shame and anxiety
  • Disgust of those wrinkles and extra weight
  • Emotional outbreaks you thought you couldn’t control
  • Chaos – this program is meant to get clarity about your life and direction
  • Feeling like you’re on your own without support

All those aches and pains they say are ‘natural’ in mid-life don’t necessarily have to be – especially the stress, the emotions and more. We’ll talk about how they all intertwine.

I’ve spent the summer gathering resources, making a plan and being just giddy about this easy program all built around my Living Your Best Life Journal – but with tons of additional tips and support of a live program!

Learn all about it here.

I plan on wearing forty like a symbol of achievement. After all, by forty we’ve all learned awesome lessons – some left giggles and other left scars. By forty we need to celebrate who we are because that person got us this far.

Enjoying forty isn’t about perfection – it’s about gratitude and curiosity. Gratitude that I’ve made it this far and curiosity of what’s ahead.

Come on this new adventure with me – it starts September 27 on my birthday! Learn more now.


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