Stories of Shift: Seeing a Future You Don’t Want

Gemma Rayne Fountain is a health support nut. For over 22 years she’s been helping people to come alive and realize how wonderful they are already so they can really love themselves. It doesn’t come by accident either. Gemma had to overcome a lot of her own perceptions of who she was and what she wanted. She’s applied this and her own weight loss journey and healing as well as hundreds of clients.

Here’s a quick wrap-up of her first shift interview (there’s 2):

Something Ain’t Right

Gemma didn’t have a lot of supervision when she was a teenager. She immigrated her with her parents who stayed very busy trying to learn the ways of US business. They weren’t able to support after-school activities with money or time so Gemma was on her own.

So as many bored teenagers tend to do, she found trouble. She started drinking and smoking cigarettes and marijuana.

She fell into the wrong crowd and especially one girl who had Gemma over often. Her friend’s parents always had 3 big bags of pot in the closet. So they’d smoke and hang out at the friend’s house.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, Gemma knew there was something not right, but she was having a good time, so she overlooked it.

Honing and Honoring

Over and over Gemma would get the munchies and want something to eat, but her friend always told her she couldn’t eat at her house.  Gemma was at an age that our rebel tends to take-over so even though she knew what they were doing wasn’t right — it didn’t seem to hurt anyone and it was fun.

It all came to a huge reality check when her friend showed her why she couldn’t eat at her house. Gemma’s friend went to the kitchen with Gemma to make her three brothers dinner. Among the empty cupboards, there sat one can of stew. One can that her friend would then water down and serve to three while the girls ate nothing.

I got it! A-ha

Is this where my life is headed?

That afternoon was quite a wake-up call for Gemma. She realized that if she were to make these habits her life she might be jeopardizing the future life she really wanted to have, not one where her good time was more important that the health and safety of her future children.

For sure, there was an immediate shift. She decided she wouldn’t smoke or drink. She wanted to take better care of herself and set some goals. She wanted more than empty cupboards and hungry children. She wanted to be sure she was building a life that she would be proud of.

Fortitude and Fear

As you can imagine like any teenage shift – it wasn’t easy. The friends she had stopped inviting her to hang out because she wouldn’t participate in the usual self-destructive activities. The ‘good’ kids wouldn’t friend her because she was seen as a ‘bad’ girl. Teen years are a tough time to lack allies and support.

Every day she had to make decisions to just stay focused on her goals and not her  lack of popularity. She changed her life around.


Gemma’s made a complete transition to her life of the last 20+ years in supporting people to lose weight, but more importantly feel really freaking fantastic in the body they have regardless of its changes. This shift was one of the first in a lifetime of consistent shifts that has created the life Gemma loves so much today.

Watch the entire story with all the great details here.


About Gemma:

Gemma Rayne Fountain is an Exercise Physiologist, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Fitness Expert. She has worked in the health field for over 20 years. Her number one passion is to help women realize how truly amazing, wonderful, beautiful and sexy they already are and to empower them to treat their bodies like temples by honoring themselves with great nutrition. Gemma is a British born American who lives in Florida with her husband and children.

Check out her website:

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