How to Answer Your Calling

Guest post by Jennifer Lyall:

So many of us have felt it.  A stirring in our heart that you’re meant to do something more.  You catch glimpses of it in your life.  As you are being you in all of your magic.  You feel so alive and think- yes!  This is what I’m talking about.  I love doing this.  Then the moment passes and you forget about it as you go back to doing the same old thing you usually do.  How do you answer your calling?  By saying yes to more of those magical moments.

Our heart and soul know what we are capable of.  We do too, but there seems to be this inner battle with our ego or with voices of the past that we believe are telling us not to do something.  So much of it is in our head.  It’s just a story we’ve created that allows us to continue in the way we always.  Yet, it doesn’t have to be like that.

We can step into a place where in the midst of everything seeming to fall apart, that it can really be coming together.  To be able to see this possibility, and begin to answer your calling you need to follow three steps:

#1 Listen to Your Intuition

Everyone is intuitive.  What varies is how much we listen to our intuition.  There is a journey of first recognizing what the voice of your intuition sounds like.  It takes time to begin to understand it.  Some tips to discern the voice of your intuition is:

  • Does this voice come from a place of love? If yes- that’s your intuition.
  • Does this voice put me down in any way? If yes- that’s your ego.

#2 Be Courageous

It takes great courage to begin to do something that you are called to do in a big way. You need to believe in yourself, trust in yourself and let go of fear.  While that may seem like a tall order, you really just need to take the first step, which isn’t quite as scary when it break it down into smaller actions.  You build your confidence with each step you take.

#3 Step out of your comfort zone

Once you gather together your confidence, it’s time to get out of your comfort zone. Even though you may be doing new things you have never done before, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it.  You have a natural talent inside of you that will guide you through.  Yes, there will be mistakes- that’s ok, that’s how you learn and grow.  It’s the repetition of continually stepping out of your comfort zone, and getting comfortable in this new area that builds your courage and success.

Some people may be an overnight success, while other people take several years dancing in and out of answering their calling.  Both options are perfect and which experience you have is up to you.  It is just essential that you get started.

Once you recognize what your calling is (even if it is still being fine tuned), it is impossible to ignore it.  It will always be waiting for you to explore. Whether you take it on when you are 17 or 70, it doesn’t matter.  The important part is that you answer the calling inside of you.

See the show that Jennifer joined me for to talk about her shift and how we find our path.


About Jennifer:Jennifer Lyall headshot select

Jennifer is a spiritual development expert who teaches you how to intuitively know how to achieve the radiant health, luxurious wealth and delicious relationships your heart desires. She shows you how to easily weave spirituality into your everyday life to enjoy more, peace, happiness, abundance and magic.  Whether you are curious about developing your intuition, discovering energy healing or knowing more about your true self, Jennifer is a kind-hearted teacher and mentor who sees your potential and can help light the way on your journey. See her website here.

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