Stories of Shift: Embracing Transition

Rosie Anipare joined the Inviting Shift Summit in March and shared her shift story. Her story came with a very apparent ‘Something Ain’t Right’ although she turned it into an opportunity to rethink her life.

This is a very, very quick overview, see her entire story on the Summit recording (Start at 3:56:00 for Rosie’s Story).

Something Ain’t Right

Rosie’s story starts with the sudden, unexpected death of her fiancee. Not only did she have to grieve his passing, she needed to find a way to become a breadwinner again. She’d taken time off to be with her daughter, but now she also needed to earn a living.

Honing In and Honoring

She had to grieve for sure, but she also didn’t sit well with leaving her daughter during the week to work. She had to tune into her inner wisdom to find the right answers for her family.

I got it!

What if I don’t live until tomorrow? Rosie realized that she has been living in fear all her life. She has been living other people’s and not expressing herself to the fullest…She made a decision to start a business despite her fears. It was how she could challenge herself and also be home when she wanted with her daughter.

Fortitude through Fear

Rosie was greatly challenged at first by her fears. The fear questioned her ability, her worthiness and more. She realized that she get big results when she leaves her comfort zone.

She began all the challenges there is with starting a market from what she would do to who she would serve. She had to make millions of decisions in order to support her transition into a business owner.


Rosie knows that she can acknowledge the fear and choose not to listen to it. She knows it will be there and then she makes her own choice on how to move forward.

This is a very short recap. To hear the whole story tune in here (start at 3:56:00 for Rosie’s story).


About Rosie:

DSC_1158-smallestRosie is a Systems & Automation Strategist, who following the sudden departure of her fiancee 3.5 years ago made a huge shift in how she lived her life. By overcoming grief and coming out on top, Rosie made a conscious decision to stop hiding behind her fears and start making a difference. As a result she created a soul-inspired space where soul meets technology. She now works closely with coaches, authors and spiritual entrepreneurs, helping them structure and scale their business by using systems and automation. This allows them to become more productive and to generate a consistent flow of clients even while they’re asleep. Check out her free 7 Steps to Build & Automate Your Coaching Business.

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