Stories of Shift: Shifting Health

Rosalyn Renay is a phenomenal young lady. She found out when she was 11 that she had lupus. Today, she has turned around her illness to a gift in her life rather than a detriment.

Something Ain’t Right

Rosalyn was pretty ill as a little girl. It took a while to diagnose all of her symptoms but finally the doctor let her know she had Lupus.

She was immediately put on a diet by her doctor. There were certain restrictions she had including sugar and pasta.

Honing In and Honoring

When Rosalyn went off to college, she sat in some health classes and started learning many ways she could start healing herself without medications. She became fascinated with learning how her body reacted to certain foods and activities.

I got it!

Rosalyn realized that what she ate, how much activity she participated in and her stress levels all directly correlated to her health.

Fortitude through Fear

Rosalyn took this as a learning process. It took her a good year to be able to adjust. She’s also changed to a vegan diet. There were a lot of choices she had to make to prioritize her health.


Today, Rosalyn is the resident expert for many people she knows around food and health. People are always coming to her to ask about food and health.

Today Rosalyn is a coach and an author on health. Learn more about her below.

Watch the interview on the Inviting Shift Summit (start at 2:28:00 for Rosalyn’s story).


About Rosalyn:

FullSizeRenderRosalyn is a coach, author, lupus advocate, and a plant-based lifestyle consultant. She has a bachelors of science in health and human performance. She is a 16-year Lupus survivor that tells her story of overcoming the disease by adopting a plant-based lifestyle. Just 5 years into her new holistic lifestyle transition, she has transformed her physical health and at the same time learned to love herself again. Check out her blog here.

Check out Rosalyn’s Spring Cleanse here or ask for a consultation here.

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