Stories of Shift: Sometimes Rock Bottom Isn’t Enough

Shannon Sennefelder is a vibrant, powerful woman. I was honored to have her spend time with me online to talk about one of her major life shifts. She is a vivacious coach who helps people get through the really sticky situations in life.

This short wrap-up doesn’t do Shannon’s story justice, watch her whole interview on the Summit Day 1 Recording. (Start at 57:00 for Shannon.)

Something ain’t right

Shannon was in a violent relationship without really knowing for a long time.

The relationship started when she was young and one day her boyfriend slapped her. She immediately left, but when she mentioned it to his mother, she asked, “What did you do to upset him?” Shannon then drew the conclusion that this was actually her fault.

So she stayed with him for some time, walking on eggshells and trying to keep him happy.

Honing In and Honoring

Rock bottom came when she came home to their apartment when he was drinking whiskey. Whiskey made him more violent so she tried to escape past him to the bathroom. He ended up pointing a gun at her head.

“Go ahead,” she said.

He pulled the trigger and the gun jammed. She ran out of there.

As many stories we hear, she returned a couple weeks later. When it’s all you know, sometimes it seems better than the unknown.

I got it!

The a-ha came when she became pregnant with twins. She realized that she did not want to bring her children into the environment she was living in.

“I will never let this happen to my child.”

-Shannon Sennefelder

(Note: Isn’t it funny what we’ll do for our children that we don’t do for ourselves. I’ve had these shifts personally.)

Fortitude through fear

Shannon took a dramatic shift by moving far away and starting over. Since she had been with her boyfriend since high school, she needed to relearn how to start her life on her own with 2 on the way.   Her why, her children, gave her the fortitude she needed to get through the shift.


Shannon now coaches people with really messy, and often high-stress situations. Even when she’s tried to stray to another focus, she’s always drawn back to serving people who came from situations as dramatic as her own.

This is a very short replay, check out the entire talk on the Summit Day 1 recap. (start at 57:00).


10425412_10100202830263628_8921670571033404122_nAbout Shannon:

Shannon Hrobak Sennefelder is a Certified Performance Coach and Certified Relationship Coach, 3x International Best Selling Author, President and Founder of White Swans Consulting. Shannon get the call when one partner wants a divorce and the other is desperately holding on. Shannon and her team challenges individuals and organizations to look beyond the obvious and identify all barriers as well as all possibilities to achieve success. Learn more about her on her website.

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