How to Answer Your Calling

Guest post by Jennifer Lyall:

So many of us have felt it.  A stirring in our heart that you’re meant to do something more.  You catch glimpses of it in your life.  As you are being you in all of your magic.  You feel so alive and think- yes!  This is what I’m talking about.  I love doing this.  Then the moment passes and you forget about it as you go back to doing the same old thing you usually do.  How do you answer your calling?  By saying yes to more of those magical moments.

Our heart and soul know what we are capable of.  We do too, but there seems to be this inner battle with our ego or with voices of the past that we believe are telling us not to do something.  So much of it is in our head.  It’s just a story we’ve created that allows us to continue in the way we always.  Yet, it doesn’t have to be like that. Continue reading “How to Answer Your Calling”

Stories of Shift: Embracing Transition

Rosie Anipare joined the Inviting Shift Summit in March and shared her shift story. Her story came with a very apparent ‘Something Ain’t Right’ although she turned it into an opportunity to rethink her life.

This is a very, very quick overview, see her entire story on the Summit recording (Start at 3:56:00 for Rosie’s Story).

Something Ain’t Right

Rosie’s story starts with the sudden, unexpected death of her fiancee. Not only did she have to grieve his passing, she needed to find a way to become a breadwinner again. She’d taken time off to be with her daughter, but now she also needed to earn a living. Continue reading “Stories of Shift: Embracing Transition”

Stories of Shift: Shifting Health

Rosalyn Renay is a phenomenal young lady. She found out when she was 11 that she had lupus. Today, she has turned around her illness to a gift in her life rather than a detriment.

Something Ain’t Right

Rosalyn was pretty ill as a little girl. It took a while to diagnose all of her symptoms but finally the doctor let her know she had Lupus.

She was immediately put on a diet by her doctor. There were certain restrictions she had including sugar and pasta.

Honing In and Honoring

When Rosalyn went off to college, she sat in some health classes and started learning many ways she could start healing herself without medications. She became fascinated with learning how her body reacted to certain foods and activities.

I got it!

Rosalyn realized that what she ate, how much activity she participated in and her stress levels all directly correlated to her health.

Fortitude through Fear

Rosalyn took this as a learning process. It took her a good year to be able to adjust. She’s also changed to a vegan diet. There were a lot of choices she had to make to prioritize her health.


Today, Rosalyn is the resident expert for many people she knows around food and health. People are always coming to her to ask about food and health.

Today Rosalyn is a coach and an author on health. Learn more about her below.

Watch the interview on the Inviting Shift Summit (start at 2:28:00 for Rosalyn’s story).


About Rosalyn:

FullSizeRenderRosalyn is a coach, author, lupus advocate, and a plant-based lifestyle consultant. She has a bachelors of science in health and human performance. She is a 16-year Lupus survivor that tells her story of overcoming the disease by adopting a plant-based lifestyle. Just 5 years into her new holistic lifestyle transition, she has transformed her physical health and at the same time learned to love herself again. Check out her blog here.

Check out Rosalyn’s Spring Cleanse here or ask for a consultation here.

The Courage to Fall

Guest post by Kadena Tate:

Falling can be painful. We take great care not to stumble, but we still fall more often than we’d like. There was a time in my life where I was besieged with thoughts that ranged from “I can’t do it because …I’m black, I’m a woman, I’m short, I’m overweight, I wear glasses, I wear braces, I’ve been through bankruptcy and foreclosure, I’m divorced after 28 years of marriage, etc.” You name a self defeating thought, and I had it. I am a better woman because of these experiences. They taught me that falling is a natural part of learning your way around new terrain.

Did you get that? Falling is a natural part of learning your way around new terrain. Continue reading “The Courage to Fall”

Stories of Shift: The Art of Communication

Angela Meer is a master story-teller. It’s her mission to empower other story-tellers to write their books and get their stories out there. She joined us to for the March Summit to share with us how story-telling can improve communication with anyone from kids to clients.

This is a very short recap. To see her whole story, watch the Summit Recording (start at 3:29:00 for Angela’s story).

Something Ain’t Right

Angela was always a girl full of ingenuity and hard work. She felt these would be the basis of her success. What she experienced was much different as she got older. Continue reading “Stories of Shift: The Art of Communication”

Stories of Shift: Sometimes Rock Bottom Isn’t Enough

Shannon Sennefelder is a vibrant, powerful woman. I was honored to have her spend time with me online to talk about one of her major life shifts. She is a vivacious coach who helps people get through the really sticky situations in life.

This short wrap-up doesn’t do Shannon’s story justice, watch her whole interview on the Summit Day 1 Recording. (Start at 57:00 for Shannon.)

Something ain’t right

Shannon was in a violent relationship without really knowing for a long time.

The relationship started when she was young and one day her boyfriend slapped her. She immediately left, but when she mentioned it to his mother, she asked, “What did you do to upset him?” Shannon then drew the conclusion that this was actually her fault. Continue reading “Stories of Shift: Sometimes Rock Bottom Isn’t Enough”

Stories of Shift: Health Starts in the Mind

Rena Greenberg found a big shift in realizing that health is a mindset. Having a pacemaker put in during her 20s really made her link to her inner wisdom and offered many gifts to her life.

Watch her share the entire shift with us, along with some great tips and conversation about mindset here.

Something ain’t right

At age 24 Rena suddenly felt exhausted all the time. She’d been healthy her entire life, and suddenly she could barely function. Continue reading “Stories of Shift: Health Starts in the Mind”