Guest post by Christine Schwarzer, Inviting Shift March Summit Speaker and life coach:
Great art develops when the artist lets go of the result. Do you know that moment when a singer or songwriter shares her or his soul and is so vulnerable and you feel all the potentiality of how this concert could go on? I think what the audience is really yearning for is that authenticity and vulnerability in that moment. Because in this moment, a higher Power can step in. If you can’t let go of all the expectations, then God can not step in. It is in this moment of vulnerability and surrender, that another possibility becomes visible.
In the moment you break down there is a possibility for change. In the moment you state that you don’t know, there’s a possibility for knowing. The solution can arrive in the moment you let go of what you know.

In the moment you humble yourself enough to understand that you don’t know what the best for you is, your highest good arrives.

In the moment you acknowledge the restrictions of this freaking small monkey-mind, greater possibilities come.

In the moment you acknowledge what you can’t do, you can touch what you can do.

In the moment you are willing to face your powerlessness, miracles can happen. Whenever you let God/your Higher Power enter, the end of the story is open.

I think humanity longs for admitting how small we actually are, how broken, how incapable, how powerless. Do you know people that can admit openly, how broken and confused they are? You just have to love them.

What a relief when doctors can admit openly that they don’t know the answer.

What a relief when somebody tells you honestly that they don’t know and they have to think about it.

What a relief when politicians would start to admit what they don’t know.

What a relief when we can admit our lies and betrayals.

What a relief when we can hear a company admitting that they had forgotten their values and put profit above everything.

What a relief when a leader can start to lead from the heart. When vulnerability and leadership become one.

There are so many countries, people and institutions longing for a different kind of leadership.

I know we will get there.

There are enough people and resources to make that happen.

To change our inefficiency to efficiency. People’s lives depend on it.

It is the struggle and suffering of millions of people that has brought us to this point in history.

Admit that you don’t know how to change. Let your Higher Power step in.

Let go of the result.

In your powerlessness is your victory.cschwar

About Christine:

Christine Schwarzer is a coach, sister and leader. She’s an author and inspirational speaker and facilitates women groups. Kind, awesome, inspiring, lover of life & all soulful conversations. Guiding you through times of transformation. Find her here.

You can find Christine on March 25 at 2 pm on Blab where she’ll talk to us about shifting into our real, raw selves. Learn more.

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