Inviting Shift Tip 4: Remaining Open to Shift in Fear

We’ve been talking fear this week so far. Today is another tip to getting through fear in order to make big changes in your life. Making big changes in life in order to work at something better often means staying open, especially when there’s challenges.

In the eye of the storm, stay open.

Challenges can feel like a storm and when we face bad weather, we often want to hide ourselves away in a secure place. Quite the opposite is helpful when we want to shift. We must stay open and humble in the face of fear.

We’ve all seen people who, when backed into a corner, will become aggressive. Like a trapped cat, they’ll try to fight their way out. The problem with fear is that it’s all inside of us. There is no hiding, there is nothing to fight but our own thoughts. You cannot out-think it or outrun it – it’s always with you.

The only way to let shift in is to invite the storm. Let it test you. Feel the fear and your wants. At the same time.

Courage will take you through challenges. Humility brings the shift.

We must sometimes break a little in order to grow. That’s what humility teaches us in nature and in experience. When we humbly stay open to the present, we are able to make huge shifts in our mindset, perspective and our outside world.

Exercise: When it feels like the storm is coming or already at its strongest, feel it. Take note of every ache and pain you have, the tears, the thoughts. Journal them. Then know this is only part of the cycle of life and growth. This is a moment you have to feel the same visceral pain that humans have endured for centuries. It’s one of the energies that connect us to all things in all cycles of nature.

Just like the storm, with enough time, we move on and the sun returns for its turn.

It doesn’t always feel that easy, but use your mantras and breathe into the same human emotions people have been experiencing since the beginning of time. Cry, yell or smack a couch with a tennis racket if it helps (it can). Let it all out safely so that you can move through shift without the baggage of stuffed emotional time-bombs.

Learn how to invite shift by hearing others stories and asking some expert coaches some questions live at our Summit on Thursday, March 24 and Friday, March 25. Learn more or get updates here.

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