Inviting Shift Tip 3: Challenges Mean You’re Ready to be Tested

This week, we’ve been talking fear and tips to get past it. We already discussed becoming friends with your fear and knowing our truth versus our fear. Today we talk about challenges. Challenges are life’s way of testing us to see if we have the chops for all the greatness we want. If the Universe thinks we;re ready to be tested, it means that transformation is just around the corner – if that’s what we choose.

Challenges are life’s way of saying “You sure you want this?”

Challenges really aren’t there to make you give up. They are there to prove to yourself that you really can get whatever you are called to. If you want courage, they will challenge you to be courageous. If you want a big, lofty dream, life is going to make you prove you have the endurance and the ability to handle it when you get it.

The Universe wants you to have everything you are called to desire. It’s up to you to stay with the flow of shift to transform what you need to in order to have it. Whether its wealth or health or anything in between, it’s already yours, you just need to believe it yourself. Challenges help us reinforce our desires. Stay strong and grounded in what you want and stay open to the challenges.

Use some mantras to help you through the challenges. Whatever you need to hear to build fortitude for the challenge. Some of my favorite mantras I’ve used or heard that resonate:

I make good decisions.

I am capable.

I show up and spirit works through me.

I am enough.

My truth is beautiful.

I am star-stuff. {Yeah – I don’t know why this works for me, but it does. It gives me a sense of calm in a very big picture.}

Repeat the alphabet if it seems to help. The idea of a mantra is to be something that can bring you back into the bigger picture and your inner truth to encourage you to stay open to shift, especially in the face of challenges. 

Because challenges whisper, “You’re almost there.”

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