Stories of Shift: Whole Health is More Than Cells

Amanda Richardson is an expert on health. Her story was a lifetime shift starting when she was 13. She learned very young how her mental wellness affected her physical wellness and she stayed very curious.

Below is a very quick wrap-up of her shift. To get all the great details, watch the replay.

Something ain’t right:

When Amanda was a child it was pretty rough. Her parents divorced and she left with her mother while her brother and sister stayed with her dad. She moved to a new state, where she had few friends. At 13 she got really ill and the doctors didn’t understand how the disease arose as she didn’t have any risk factors. She did realize that her thoughts and mental wellness was directly linked to how her body felt.

She wanted to learn more about it so she continued to study more about disease and wellness.


Amanda went through years of study. She earned a PhD and continued to stay curious to disease and wellness in the body. But something still didn’t feel quite right about her approach.


The more she learned, the more her mentors wanted her to focus down on very specific
niche. It didn’t feel right to her.

“So much of our life contributes to our health.

We are not the sum of parts. Life is the cells, but also relationships, career, and much more.”

A-ha in Action

She realized that her what she had studied had been greatly helpful, but not as fulfilling as she wanted. She wanted to make an impact on people’s lives and actually support people to become healthier by addressing a more whole life approach.

Amanda has become a coach to help other people look at their whole life health. Instead of focusing on one area of health, she looks to see how all the parts are working together. As she works with patients the idea is to become more preventative in our health by getting to the real problems.


Amanda is now coaching people to look at the broad spectrum of health. She works to learn the core issues instead of just treating symptoms. She uses all her knowledge of the body while looking for the bigger picture.

This is a very short version of her story. Watch the whole video here.


About Amanda:

Amanda About pageAmanda Richardson, PhD MS CHWC is a health coach, consultant, speaker, and writer. She helps bold individuals optimize their health, enhance their productivity, and elevate their career and life. As the Founder of WellHealth Integrative Health Coaching & Consulting, she works both with individuals and organizations. To learn more, visit her website at

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