Guest post by Christine Schwarzer, Inviting Shift March Summit Speaker and life coach:
Great art develops when the artist lets go of the result. Do you know that moment when a singer or songwriter shares her or his soul and is so vulnerable and you feel all the potentiality of how this concert could go on? I think what the audience is really yearning for is that authenticity and vulnerability in that moment. Because in this moment, a higher Power can step in. If you can’t let go of all the expectations, then God can not step in. It is in this moment of vulnerability and surrender, that another possibility becomes visible.
In the moment you break down there is a possibility for change. In the moment you state that you don’t know, there’s a possibility for knowing. The solution can arrive in the moment you let go of what you know.

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Stories of Shift: Keeping Close What’s Important

Are you a multi-potentialite? Have a load of ideas or activities you want to participate in and just can’t do it all?

Jenn knows your pain. Jenn Danielson joined us to share her shift to being in touch with her priorities and over-committing her time. Here’s a short wrap-up, but watch the entire show for more a-has and details.

Something ain’t right

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Inviting Shift Tip 5: How Can I Love This?

When faced with fear, do you ever try to find a way to really love it?

It may seem absurd, and I stand by it. If I choose to love something (or someone), I can find a million reasons to do so. If I choose to see what I don’t like, I can find a million reasons to do so.

My focus determines what I see.

So instead of making fear something we have to hate or relate to negatively, we can embrace it with love and gratitude. (Don’t worry, it manifests naturally depending on what we’re looking for.) Continue reading “Inviting Shift Tip 5: How Can I Love This?”

Inviting Shift Tip 4: Remaining Open to Shift in Fear

We’ve been talking fear this week so far. Today is another tip to getting through fear in order to make big changes in your life. Making big changes in life in order to work at something better often means staying open, especially when there’s challenges.

In the eye of the storm, stay open.

Challenges can feel like a storm and when we face bad weather, we often want to hide ourselves away in a secure place. Quite the opposite is helpful when we want to shift. We must stay open and humble in the face of fear. Continue reading “Inviting Shift Tip 4: Remaining Open to Shift in Fear”

Inviting Shift Tip 3: Challenges Mean You’re Ready to be Tested

This week, we’ve been talking fear and tips to get past it. We already discussed becoming friends with your fear and knowing our truth versus our fear. Today we talk about challenges. Challenges are life’s way of testing us to see if we have the chops for all the greatness we want. If the Universe thinks we;re ready to be tested, it means that transformation is just around the corner – if that’s what we choose.

Challenges are life’s way of saying “You sure you want this?”

Challenges really aren’t there to make you give up. They are there to prove to yourself that you really can get whatever you are called to. If you want courage, they will challenge you to be courageous. If you want a big, lofty dream, life is going to make you prove you have the endurance and the ability to handle it when you get it. Continue reading “Inviting Shift Tip 3: Challenges Mean You’re Ready to be Tested”

Inviting Shift Tip 2: Truth or Fear

Here’s the second tip with dealing with paralyzing fears. Yesterday we talked about getting to know your fear. Now that you know what your fears are telling you, it’s time to figure out if it’s all true.

Know how to pick out your truth from the fear

This is very tricky. When we hear the fear, it can drag us right in. We can get emotional and live from that frightened space. We become small and fear becomes big. This is not the space to decide your truth. Continue reading “Inviting Shift Tip 2: Truth or Fear”

Inviting Shift Tip: Get to know your fear well

Fear doesn’t have to be about struggle – although we often make it that way. There are some tricks to staying open to shift. It’s about reminding yourself why you are moving forward even when fear doesn’t want you to. We need to constantly remind ourselves to make choices that align with our intuition and our calling. We can do that in many ways like mantras, meditation, or just breathing.

For the next 5 days, I’ll offer some ways to practice fortitude to your fear. Here’s day one.

Get to know your fear.

So often we want to treat our fears like an enemy. We want to puff our feathers and draw up some adrenaline and kick fear’s a$$. The only problem is that the core fears you have Continue reading “Inviting Shift Tip: Get to know your fear well”