Stories of Shift: I define who I am, Not MS

Michelle Brown was an absolute beam of sunshine to interview. In fact, if she hadn’t told us, we probably would never have known that she’s in a wheelchair. Twenty years ago Michelle was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. It took her a little while to accept and then move forward, but she is now a fabulous example of how people can turn challenges into opportunity.

To get the best version, you have to watch the Blab conversation. You’ll laugh, might cry and guaranteed to give you some goosebumps. Watch it here.

Here’s a recap of her shift in a very simple overview. It can’t possibly really explain how she felt as it was happening, but the change is amazing.

Something ain’t right

She knew something physically wasn’t right. After a year of tests and doctors, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at 26.

She was horrified. She could only ask herself, “What does this mean?”

Her brain ran across all the information she may have connected to MS and then had to do her own digging. She had to learn more about the disease.


For a while, Michelle tried ignoring the diagnosis. What she learned was it wasn’t going away and ignoring it just made it worse.

She did more research, and she started to connect to herself. She sought to learn how to move forward. She connected with herself in what might have seemed like depression.


What does this diagnosis mean to me?

She started asking herself really great questions.

Is what I think of the illness realistic or even true? Does it have to define how I am?
And giving herself great answers:

I am more than MS. I define who I am. I have an unique opportunity now to serve others.

-Michelle Brown

A-ha in action & Challenges

The a-ha in action meant Michelle was going to let her new perspective empower her rather than ignore it or define who she was. It also meant defining this gift to serve others to do the same.

After her diagnosis she lost her job and got divorced. She had a lot of challenges to face, but she’s a shining success story of a happy, full life.

Embracing Shift

If you watch the recording, you’ll see she’s lively and quite driven to make a difference in people’s lives. And leave a legacy that serves millions.

Michelle is a master shifter and so much fun to have on the show. I thought a lot about her over the weekend and am sure she’ll end up in my book.

See the full Blab for all the juicy shift details.


About Michelle:

IMG_0836 (1)Founder and CEO of Life Is. “Life Is” is an online Life Coaching Solution to Life Crisis and Personal Development. Michelle is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Certified Crisis Intervention Specialist and holds a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Psychology.

See Michelle’s website.

Go ahead and give her some love on her Facebook page.

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